When photographers travel to Mexico

This past October I had the pleasure of traveling out of the country to photograph Megan and Chad's amazing wedding in Cancun, Mexico. As incredibly excited as I was, there was a lot to think about! Traveling to a new country adds new levels of check-lists to your check-list, and I was determined to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible. So, outside of packing, making my equipment was cleaned (and insured up-to-date) among so many other things, I had to have an amazing wing-(wo)man! A second photographer that I knew would not only help capture this gorgeous wedding, but also a travel companion that would help me keep my cool and plan accordingly every step of the way! Enter Tifani! Not only a good friend, but a successful photographer and business owner herself.

So, a few days before the wedding we packed our bags. I picked up Tifani that following morning (at an hour no-one should be awake!) Only to find we had both stayed awake through the night in fear of sleeping through our alarms! But a combination of lots of coffee and pure excitement had us trucking through the early hours.

Plane, after layover, after plane, we finally made it to Mexico! Ecstatic to finally arrive, to be kid free (mom's you know what I'm talking about!), and to be photographing a wedding in a different country!

Day 1 was about settling in and location scouting. No sleep, and we were still powering through without any hesitation. The compound which we stayed on was huge, giving us lots of locations to scout, and ideas to put in the back of our minds for the following day.

The wedding day came, and with a couple I could not be more grateful to spend it with! We had the usual mornings, arriving upon everyone getting ready in their rooms. I spend most of my time with the girls as they got their hair done, and Tifani with the boys. Hours seemed to pass in minutes and it was time for Megan and Chad to get hitched! In a gorgeous ceremony, on the most beautiful day, these two said their vows. We traveled to all the locations we scouted the day prior for portraits. Rushing to beat the clock on a storm that was inevitably headed our way! (Did I mention it was their rainy season? No worries, we got this!) Just before the rain hit, was finished and headed to the reception! A heartfelt set of speeches, dances, dinner and drinking. Maracas, a mariachi band and Cuban cigars made on site! A party to be remembered, with the sweetest couple and 100 of their loved ones.

Day 3 was our day of rest before we headed on a plane back to the mitten. So, what do photographers do on a day off in a foreign country? We take pictures! After some much deserved relaxation by the pool, we headed out to soak in last bit of this gorgeous setting!

Our vacation was over, it was time to make our trip back home. Sad for relaxation to be over, but eager to see our loved ones back home. We had little ones waiting for a good snuggle! So, bus after plane, after layover, after plane, we made it home.

Mexico was a trip I am truly grateful for, with the most wonderful couple to spend it with, coupled with the best partner in crime to help capture it.


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